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Conference at Harvard University

Paolo Petrocelli to participate as a panelist in a conference at Harvard University on how the arts and humanities bridge diverse fields and diverse communities.

Paolo Petrocelli will present a case study on “Opera Camion”, a project by Rome Opera House, at the Cases for Culture Conference organized by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies of the Harvard University.

Cases for Culture will feature collaborations among distinguished artists, humanists, policy makers, and entrepreneurs who promote the social contributions of creativity.

The purpose is to multiply these contributions by generating HBS type cases that can inform new policy decisions. Brief narratives along with the measurable impact of creative interventions demonstrate  how and why participatory arts work to address “wicked” problems, transversal by definition. Climate change, economic development, public health, education, violence prevention, immigration, etc., all require collaboration among academic, political, and economic actors. Our conference will explore how the arts and humanities bridge diverse fields and diverse communities.

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