BMW Foundation Responsible Leader

As a member of the Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation, Paolo Petrocelli promotes the importance of the cultural sector in connecting people, communicating through art and building bridges in society.

Conference at Harvard University

Paolo Petrocelli to participate as a panelist in a conference at Harvard University on how the arts and humanities bridge diverse fields and diverse communities.

Paolo Petrocelli will present a case study on “Opera Camion”, a project by Rome Opera House, at the Cases for Culture Conference organized by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies of the Harvard University.

Cases for Culture will feature collaborations among distinguished artists, humanists, policy makers, and entrepreneurs who promote the social contributions of creativity.

The purpose is to multiply these contributions by generating HBS type cases that can inform new policy decisions. Brief narratives along with the measurable impact of creative interventions demonstrate  how and why participatory arts work to address “wicked” problems, transversal by definition. Climate change, economic development, public health, education, violence prevention, immigration, etc., all require collaboration among academic, political, and economic actors. Our conference will explore how the arts and humanities bridge diverse fields and diverse communiti

Paolo Petrocelli named in the Fortune Italy 40 under 40 list

Paolo Petrocelli has been named by the prestigious magazine Fortune among the 40 most influential young personalities in Italy for 2022. 

Fortune, one of the most important American magazine for business and economy in the world, publishes a list of the top 40 under 40 talents every year.

On the model of the list created in the United States, Fortune Italy has selected among hundreds of top managers, researchers and innovators, the 40 leading Italian personalities for 2022: young professionals who with their daily commitment contribute not only to the development of their own organizations, but also to the change of the country.

Among the 2022 talents, Fortune Italy has selected also Paolo Petrocelli, Director General of the Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona, thus including for the first time the profile of a cultural manager in the 40 under 40 list.

“Paolo Petrocelli has been able to demonstrate that culture, arts and education still represent, on a global level, one of the main positive forces for development, growth and innovation”

Paolo Petrocelli featured by Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford

As a former Oxford Executive Leadership Programme participant, Paolo Petrocelli has been higlihted as a member of the alumni community of the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

Tim Morris: Emeritus Professor of Management Studies, commented on the nomination of Paolo as a European Young Leader :

“We’re absolutely delighted for Paolo. This nomination is a well-deserved acknowledgement of his impressive leadership of such an important cultural institution and we feel privileged to have contributed to Paolo’s development as a leader with the Oxford Online Leadership Programme. What motivates us more than anything as a teaching team is the belief that we are making a worthwhile contribution to the development every student on the Programme”

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Paolo Petrocelli nominated European Young Leader 2022

Friends of Europe is one of the most important European think tanks in the world committed to promoting a new vision for a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive Europe.

The organization at the top of which several former Presidents of the European Commission and  Parliament and former Prime Ministers, including Herman Van Rompuy and Jean-Claude Juncker, each year selects 40 of the most influential under-40 personalities in Europe: young leaders who through their civil and professional commitment have managed to establish themselves for their ability to generate a positive impact within the European Union in various fields including: politics, business, science, culture, sport, media.

Among the European Young Leaders of 2022 has been nominated Paolo Petrocelli, Director General of the Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona, recognized as one of the leading cultural managers of his generation at European and international level.

“Paolo Petrocelli: one of the most influential global cultural leaders”